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March 05, 2006

Picking callas

This Sunday was a sunny day and also ideal for a family outdoor. Without thinking too much, I decided to pay a visit to the Yangmingshan National Park again. I locked in the Zhuzihu area this time where not only can tourist like me check out the wonderful view of the calla fields, one will be able to try the local specialties in the vicinity at the mean time as well.

Calla, a.k.a. calla lily or water arum, is a greenish flower that can be found in temperate zone. It is suitable to grow such plant in Yanmingshan area for its long lasting mild weather the whole year round.

After having the lunch on site, we started our tour around several calla fields. It was quite a wide area where the fields were owned by different calla farmers.

We finally picked some callas for home decoration. The total came out to eight callas for one hundred NT dollars. Sounds a little expensive, but it really pays off to see the sight there.


  1. After seeing your travel note,I really interest in it,so next time I will decide to go to Zhuzihu with my classmates.~~ good luck and thank you for your note~~ Eric

  2. Eric,

    I am glad to have shared my travel experiences with you all.