June 03, 2005

The advantage of taking a walk.

Kindda fun, I guess. Maybe the title for this article could also be thought a very good practice in the future for those who want to take GEPT, a.k.a. General English Proficiency Test.

Today I just didn't feel like taking the bus to the next destination shortly after I finished up the class at the after-school center on Nanjing East road. Usually I take the 204 bus to Zhongxiao Duenhua MRT station, not for taking the MRT but entering the building nearby for my night classes. I decided to take a walk instead. I never did this before, but I estimated it might take about 30 minutes to get down there.

I walked westward along Nanjing E. Road and made a left to Guangfu north road at the corner. If I could finished this section off, then all I had to do was go right to Zhongxiao East road and staying on that road the school will be just around the corner.

I walked down in a steady pace. It just downpoured an hour ago, so I could still feel the humid air left and right. I dripped with sweat a little, so I decided to take off my cap to make me feel a little cool. It worked well, actually.

Suddenly I found it was a good idea to take a walk on a regular basis. It not only helps burn the calories in our bodies, but prevents us from putting on much weight. Moreover, I could even plan many things in my mind on doing this, which has the same effect as meditation. When I have a lot of things on my mind, I should try taking a walk. I should, from now on, take it into a habit. You should give it a try, too. No B.S., I am telling you.

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