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February 08, 2010

Check and Clarify

I found there were some errors in my writing for the Business English Unit 4 example. Here is the final version:

errors 錯誤
version 版本

You are calling some agency to get help from its customer service. Before you are further assisted by one of its representatives, there are a few things that need to be clarified, such as your full name, ID number, etc. Do a role play like this with your partner.

agency 服務機構
further 進一步
assisted 被協助
representatives 代表
clarified 搞清楚
role play 角色扮演

ABC com: Thank you for calling ABC company. If you know the extension of the person you are calling, please dial it now, or press 9 to speak with our customer service representative. (Dial 9 ...) Please stay on the line while your call is being transferred.

extension 分機
dial 撥
stay on the line 待在線上
transferred 轉接

Rep: Hi, thank you for calling ABC, my name is Maggie, how can I help you today?

Chen: Hi, my name is Mr. Chen. I have a question regarding my bill for this month...

regarding 有關
bill 帳單

Rep: Sure. Before I can further be any help to you, may I ask you a few questions to clarify your identity?

identity 身份

Chen: Yap, go ahead.

Rep: Thank you. Would you please tell me the last 4 digits of your ID number?

Chen: It's 9902.

Rep: And the name appearing on your bill is …?

appearing 出現

Chen: Shui-bian Chen.

Rep: And the phone number you registered with us is …

registered 註冊

Chen: 0933-999-878.

Rep: Thank you Mr. Chen. Now we can make sure it's you. Did you just say you had a problem with your bill?

Chen: Yes, Uh ... there is a problem with ….

… (minutes later)

Rep: OK, Mr. Chen. The problem has been solved, and are there any other questions?

Chen: Yeah, I also want to update my email address.

Rep: OK. Could you let me know your new email address?

Chen: It's

Rep: Could you spell it for me?

Chen: Sure. My email is s for star, b for boy, c for car, h for happy, e for eye, n for Nancy, at yahoo dot com dot tw.

Rep: That's clear, Mr. Chen. Anything else?

Chen: I think that's all.

Rep: OK, Mr. Chen. If you need other assistance, please call back during our business hours. Thanks for your call and have a great day. Good bye.

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