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January 14, 2010

The hardest decision I have ever made. (Revision)

revision 修改版

The hardest decision I've ever made was about whether I should move back to Taiwan in 2001. Back then I was working for a marketing company in Fremont, California. Just as with other companies in Silicon Valley which were suffering the big business downturn mostly due to the bubble economy in the US, my company started to lay off its employees in order to stay in business.

hardest 最困難的
whether 是否
back then 回到那時
marketing company 市場行銷公司
just as with... 就如同...
Silicon Valley 矽谷
suffer 受苦
business downturn 生意下滑
mostly 主要
due to 由於
bubble economy 泡沫經濟
lay off employees 裁員
stay in business 繼續營運

Just before I was locked in for unemployment by the management, I had no idea if I would be shown the door somewhere down the line or remain employed. I had no clue about it, and there was nothing I could do at that moment. Situations had turned so uncertain that each and every day staying at work was a torture for me. I was getting so tired of waiting for the outcome, and it had made me go schizophrenic. Therefore, I decided to submit my resignation to my boss one day. He "acted" shocked, yet soon he approved my request without saying anything. That was a relief to me. I got everything wrapped up and left the company which I had worked at for a couple of years in one month. That's the hardest decision I've made.

locked in 被鎖定
unemployment 解雇
management 資方
be shown the door 走路
somewhere down the line 某個時間點
remain employed 維持被雇用
no clue 不知道
situation 情況
uncertain 不確定
each and every day 每一天
torture 虐待
outcome 結果
go schizophrenic 變精神分裂
submit my resignation 提出辭呈
acted shocked 假裝震驚
approve 核准
request 請求
relief 解脫
wrap up 打包

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