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February 20, 2010

The derivation of Gong Xi Fa Ci

Gong(恭)Xi(喜)發(Fa)財(Ci), whose literal meaning is "congratulations for getting rich", is commonly used in Chinese societies during Chinese Lunar New Year. It is derived from the time when Japanese was eventually defeated by the Allies in 1945. In China's Sichuan province back then, people began to use such expression, "恭喜", to congratulate one another on Jap's surrender. However, we seem to forget its original meaning but now turn to add two more characters "發財" to wish people around us a wealthy life.

derivation 來源
literal 字面的
congratulations 恭賀
commonly 普遍地
societies 社會
lunar 農曆的
derive 源自
eventually 最後地
defeat 擊敗
The Allies 同盟國
Sichuan province 四川省
back then 那時候
expression 表達方式
surrender 投降
original 原來的
turn to 轉向
wealthy 富有的


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