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March 11, 2009

Find more teaching jobs

Here is another letter I wrote to Mr. Steve Kaufmann on using his language learning tool, LingQ, to teach my students as I will apply for more teaching jobs to the local schools in my city.

Hi Steve

I read your new post earlier today. Thanks.

earlier 早先

I would like to tell you that meanwhile I am working on the proposal which I will submit to some "community schools" in my city in Taiwan. They call themselves "社區大學" though actually they don't offer degrees/ credentials to their graduates. Therefore I prefer translating it into "community school" instead.

meanwhile 同時
proposal 企劃書
submit to 交出
community school 社區學校
actually 事實上
credentials 證書
graduate 畢業生
therefore 因此
prefer 寧可
translate 翻譯
instead 反而

In my proposal I talk about that I wish to open some English learning courses at these schools via an innovative way, the LingQ way, of course. I am not sure if they will buy what I say in my proposal since there are already some orthodox English lessons being taught throughout these schools at present. Due to the economic downturns, I heard that hundreds of proposals requesting to open new courses on different subjects for the next semester flooded into their offices. So all I can do now is count my lucky stars.

wish to 要去
via 透過
innovative 創新的
buy 相信
orthodox 傳統的
throughout 整個
at present 目前
due to 由於
economic downturn 經濟低迷
request 請求
semester 學期
flood 湧入

By the way, I may give my class, if possible, the names such as "數位時代的英語速成法", "快速網路英語學習法" and so forth. Or do you okay me to use "LingQ" for the title of my course? In my mind LingQ is just like Microsoft Words which I think more and more people will be interested in learning how to use it one day. Since "Learning Microsoft Office in a week" has become an advertising catchword, why not "LingQ"? Just my two cents. Look forward to hearing from you again.

so forth 等等
catchword 標語

Best regards,

Albert Chang

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