February 25, 2009

I hate using textbooks.

I was in a substitute class at GVO, a.k.a. Global Village, today. This cram school has many education facilities islandwide. I used to teach there very often in the past. But now I go there only when they call on me for urgent substitute class.

substitute class 代課
a.k.a. 又叫做
cram school 補習班

education facilities 教育設施(分校)
islandwide 全島
used to 過去一向
call on 請求
urgent 緊急的

I had prepared my own handout I was to teach for the class this time, and it seemed that after class the students pretty much liked the way I went by. So it felt like everything turned out well today. But just before I stepped out the door in the lobby, the manager of the school came to me and questioned me whether I instructed the class using their textbook or not. I told her frankly that I hadn't done that way. She then just said to me that she was hoping me to use their textbook next time because some student complained to her about me for not using the textbook.

prepare 準備
handout 講義
seem 似乎
went by 依照
turned out 變的
step out 踏出
lobby 大廳
instruct 指導
textbook 課本
complain 抱怨

I felt a bit frustrated since I have devoted much time to the preparation of the class though it was just a substitute class. I didn't get riled up because I knew she had her own standpoint, the school's standpoint to be more specifically saying. Then... I think I am gonna find a solution to it. How? Maybe just go over some pages in the textbook in class and then switch to mine. Doggone it! If using the textbooks were that useful, I would definitely go for them.

frustrated 挫折的
devote 致力
preparation 準備
rile up 生氣
standpoint 立場
specifically 特定地
solution 解決方法
go over 瀏覽
switch 切換
doggone it 香蕉個芭樂


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