March 26, 2009

I am hitting the road.

My half-baked idea of popularizing LingQ has finally shaped up. To get started, I will make my first LingQ presentation at the place where I live. I just sent an email to the chief of the apartment office. In my email, I stated clearly that I was planning on giving a presentation followed by a workshop about language learning, which would be based on some views as follows.

hit the road 開始,上路
half-baked 不成熟的
popularize 推廣
shape up 成形
presentation 簡報
chief 主管
apartment 公寓
workshop 研討會
based on 建立...之基礎
as follows 如下

1. Why did we fail to learn a new language?
2. How do we learn a language in proper ways?
3. How often and how long do we need to listen and read while learning it?
4. Is grammar an essential part in terms of language learning?
5. Are there any free resources for people to learn languages?
6. Introduction to LingQ
7. LingQ workshop

fail to 無法成功
proper 適當的
essential 必要的
in terms of 有關
resource 資源

I am asking the office to provide me with a public space for the meetup with the people with the interest in learning languages. Since I don't charge the attendees of the workshop, the office is advised not to charge me any fees on using the community facilities such as Internet connection, lights, tables, chairs, and so on and so forth. I must say all I am doing is for the greater good of the community.

provide 提供
meetup 會面
attendee 參與者
advised 被建議
community facility 社區資源
for the greater good of 為了...的改善及好處

If I should make the presentation at hand a successful one, then next what's on my list will be schools. I actually aim to train school students to learn LingQ. If the schools have insufficient budget to get me paid, I can train teachers, so they can pass what they will have learned from me on to their students. My charge is very reasonable and the time for the training will be short. It only takes about three hours to get trainees fully familiar with using the powerful language learning tool ever, LingQ.

at hand 既將來到的
actually 事實上
aim to 目標去
insufficient 缺乏
budget 預算
reasonable 合理的
trainee 受訓者
familiar with 熟悉

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