January 11, 2007

Why the hell should I be prouid of it?

It is supposed to be a great thing to see the grand opening of Taiwan High Speed Railway (HSR) which has been on its trail operartion for a few days. However, I just can't convince myself to be proud of it, seeing so many problems come up over the past few days. Maybe I shouldn't be so mean to them, seriously. I understand that the lousy situation will be eventually under control, but I also want to complain about its steep price that not everyone can afford. For one-way traveling from Banqiao to Kaohsiung, the fare is $1490 NTD. Do you know how much the average wage of a Taiwanese college graduate can earn in one day? The answer is $ 830 NTD. That means they can't even purcahse a one-way with their one-day pay, much less the round-trip. What the hell!

be supposed to 應該
grand opening 開張
trail operation 試營運
convince 說服
be proud of 驕傲
mean 刻薄
seriously 嚴肅地
lousy 糟糕的
eventually 最後
conplain 抱怨
steep 高的
afford 負擔的起
fare 車價
average wage 平均工資
college graduate 大學畢業生
one-way 單程
round-trip 來回
purchase 購買
much less 遑論
What the hell! 表達驚訝的意思

Last but not least. The high speed railway system is made by Japanese, not Taiwanese at all. To be more specifically saying, though the HSR trains are manufactured by Japs, some European companies also involved designing the controlling stuff in some respects. sounds like it's not like an name-brand PC but just a compatible one.

last but not least 最後但仍是重要的
specifically 仔細地
manufacture 製造
European 歐洲的
involve 牽涉
in some respects 某些方面
name-brand 名牌
compatible 相容的

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