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December 25, 2006

One way to learn it

I recently subscribed to some podcast programs on the Internet about how to learn English in a more efficient way. One of them which impresses me most comes from Steve Kaufman. Speaking of this Canadian people, his capability of speaking nine languages has indeed surprised lots of people including myself. Not only can he fluently speak some European languages which I believe easier for him to pick up due to his English native speaking background, but he can also handle Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanse, and Korean with no problems. That really makes himself persuasive to be one of the best linguists in the world.

recently 最近地
subscribe 訂駛odcast 博客
efficient 有效的
impress 使人產生印象
background 背景
capability 能力
indeed 的確
surprised 感到驚訝的
including 包括
fluently 流利的
European 歐洲的
pick up 學會
due to 由於
native 本地的, 本質的
Mandarin 國語
Cantonese 廣東話
persuasive 有說服力的
linguist 語言家, 會說多種語言的人

The Linguist system, which he and his crew have been advertising for a while online, has been claimed by him to be one of the most efficient ways to help non-native speakers to learn English. By chekcing out his website, I can see how much effort he has put in there for the best use of it. However, I would suggust him cut down the price of using the site for attracting more memers to use the Lingusit system. If you don't want to pay for it at once, you may consider downloading his free-to-use Podcast files first and listen to his fine comments on how to be a lingusit like him.

crew 工作小組
advertise 廣告
claim 宣稱
non- 非...
chekcing out 觀看
effort 努力
enhance 加強
suggust 建議
cut down 刪減
recruit 招生
royal 忠誠的
consider 考慮
download 下載
comment 評論
similar 相同的


  1. Dear Mr. Chang,

    Thank you for your sharing about how to learn English in a more efficient way. I learn a lot from your Blog though I searched and found your Blog accidently. Even though my written English is awkwardly, I would like to express my support to your Blog.

    wish you have happy holidays and a good year in 2007

    Warmly regards,

  2. Dear Sir or Madam,

    Thank you for your comments and support. Bascially I would just like to tell people that language learning isn't similar to other school studies in which we are usually required to learn the theory or formula. However, it is more toward the aspect of imitation and memorizing. Therefore, what is important is practicing. The more chances you use the foreign language, the more fluent level you can reach. I keep telling my students how important the practice of the language is because it makes perfect if you keep using it on a regular basis. There is no shortcut to being functional in language learning but it is already the shortcut once you are on the right track.

    Please can you keep coming back here and let us know how you are doing?

    Yours faithfully,

    Albert Chang