December 18, 2006

A surprising Monday night

It sure surprised me to see unexpected high number of students in my class tonight.

unexpected 沒有預期的

Usually on Mondays, most learners still suffer from the impact of Post-holiday syndrome. I can perceive that the reason why low attendance rate is usually well predicted for Monday's class is that the two day's rest has made their tiredness. As they get back to work on Mondays, seeing countless work-to-do stuff piled on their desks makes the situation even worse, let alone spare extra time to soak up new things after work. Consequently, some of them prefer not to show up in the classroom. The reason is simple: they just don't wish to get caught red-handed dozing off in class.

suffer from 受苦
impact 衝擊
Post-holiday syndrome 後休假症候群
perceive 了解
attendance rate 出席率
predict 預測
beforehand 事先
tiredness 疲勞
countless 無法數的
pile 堆疊
situation 情況
let alone 更別說
spare 空出
extra 額外的
soak up 吸收
consequently 最後
prefer to 寧願
show up 出現
get caught red-handed 當場被抓
doze off 打瞌睡

However, I saw a totally different scene tonight. Most of them chose to come to the class so that I was a bit touched. I also noticed that only few people put to sleep for a very short period of time. In any case, I saw the whole class go smoothly during my instruction. I think their efforts to prepare for TOEIC will get paid off one day.

scene 景象
touched 感動
notice 注意
put ot sleep 睡覺
effort 努力
pay off 獲得報償

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