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November 02, 2006

Free English Podcasts On-line (Part II)

It has been a long while since I introduced Podcast to you. Now to continue with Part One, I would like to provide you with more resources for getting Podcast programs. The followings are the handy Podcasts I found:

introduce 介紹
provide someone with something 提供某人某事
resource 資源
Podcast--> an audio broadcast that has been converted to an MP3 file or other audio file format for playback in a digital music player or computer.
produce 製造, 產生
handy 有用的

Business English Pod
Business English Pod: A great way to improve your English on the go!
Listen to our regular podcasts covering essential language for today's global business world. Learn useful phrases and listen to how they can be used in real business situations.

improve 改進
on the go 一直進行中
regular 定期的, 規律的
cover 包含
essential 非常重要的
global 全球的
phrase 片語
situation 情況

Personally I like this Podcast program a lot. All the contents made from it are very practical in business situations. I highly recommend those who are at the high-intermediate level not miss subscribing to this one.

Web site:

personally 個人而言
contents 內容
pratical 實用的
highly recommend 高度推薦
high-internediate level 中高級
miss 錯過
subscribe to 訂閱

The Linguist on Language-ESL, learning English, learning languages
The host of this Podcast program is Steve Kaufmann. This guy is amzaing because he can speak several different languages, not only the European languages but also some Asian languages such as Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. The more you know him, the more attracted you will get by him. He is also a smart business man who has invented what he calls "the Lingust" learning system which he claims to efficiently improve your English within a short period of time. In any case, you still can download his Podcasts from his Website for free.


host 主持人
amazing 了不起
several 數個
not only...but also 不僅...而且
Mandarin 國語
Cantonese 廣東話
attract 吸引

smart 精明的
invent 發明
linguist 語言家
claim 宣稱
efficiently 有效地
within 在...之內
period 時間
in any case 無論如何
download 下載
Website 網站

English Teacher Talk
Two English teachers made their own show on line. What's interesting is that they are actually teaching English in different countries, Japan and Korea, while they can still be able to produce their programs using some techniques such as recording their voice through an online messenger. You won't believe they have never seen each other face to face. If you are interested in how they react with their students in calss, download their stuff from their Web site.


actually 實際上
technique 技術
online 網路上, 線上
messenger 網路聊天軟體
face to face 面對面
react 互動

stuff 東西

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