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November 21, 2006

A Match Man?

A young lady asked me in class if I had ever seen a movie called "Matchman", wondering what that meant in English. I had no idea frankly speaking, but I promised her that I would find the answer for her asap.

wonder 想知道
frankly speaking 坦白說
promise 承諾

asap= as soon as possible

Aftre returning home, I looked up my dictionary and found no answers to that word. I also checked and the outcome was still the same- no clues from there either. The only thing I got on the Internet was that there was a Hong Kong-based Website that has been selling the Matchman comics and its peripheral products such as its dolls and so forth. Nah...I didn't think it was the one she mentioned to me, much less the one she needed.

return 回到
outcome 結果
clue 線索
based 建立基礎的
comics 漫畫
peripheral 週邊的
and so forth 等等
mention 提及
much less 更別說

I tried to turn to some other on-line resources like and Yahoo! Movies. A few moments later, I should count my lucky stars because I found it. Actually it is Matchstick men rather than Matchman. What "matchstick men" literally means is that people in pictures who have been drawn with thin lines to represent their arms, legs, and bodies, as if by a child. However, in this movie, matchstick men are relevant to con artists or swindlers who are very good at getting money from someone by deceiving them. This movie stars Nicholas Cage. You'd better see the movie to learn more about it.

turn to 轉向
on-line 線上的
resource 資源
Blockbuster 百視達
moment 時刻
count someone's lucky star 某人運氣好
actually 事實上
matchstick men 用線條畫出來的小人, 像火柴棒一樣(通常是小孩子畫的圖案)
rather than 而非
literally 字面上地
drawn= draw的過去分詞
represent 代表
relevant 相關的
con artists 金光黨
swindlers 騙徒
deceive 欺騙
star 主演
Someone'd better + 原形動詞= 某人最好...

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