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February 04, 2006

Life, tour, and train

My friend sent me a file the other day. It really touched my heart as I read through the whole passage. As a result, I decided to translate it into English to share it with you.

Life, tour, and train

Not long ago, I read a book that compared our life to a journey on a train.

Our life is like traveling on a train. We often get on and off of it. There are always suprprises and incidents occured all the time during the ride. We meet not only surprises but also unforgettable things of sadness.

Our being given the birth is like getting right on the train. In the first place, we thought the first two people we met-- our parents, would accompany us from the beginning of our life to the end of it. Unfortunately, it was not true. They must get off the train somewhere ahead of us, leaving us hopelessness and loneliness. Their love, affection, and companion with us can't be retrieved and also be replaced anymore with anything else.

Besides, there are still some others who mean a lot to us: our offsprings, relatives, and we may also meet our better half to experience the great romance on earth.

There are other passengers on the train as well. Some of them enjoy their trip pretty well. Some don't, however.

Moreover, some guys rush about on the train to give us assistance and advice. They are the helpers memorized by us eventhough they may get off the train before us. They will be known by our heart forever. In stead, some other faces are hardly remembered once they take off from their seats.

Maybe someone who means a lot to you is not sitting next to you but somewhere else on the train. You can't help but keep a distance from him/her on the journey. Or, you can go straight ahead to find her now but I am afraid that the seat next to him/her may have been taken already.

That's ok, dude. The trip is by all means full of challenges, dreams, desires, seperation, and so got to face all kinds of things... but never turn back.

Treat nicely to anyone you have met during the trip. Find their good qualities and learn to appreaciate them.

Always bear in mind that people like you and me may feel weak and vulnerable at all times.

We need to learn to feel for others because they may feel for us too.

The mystery of life is:

When will we get off the train?

When will our significant other get off the train? and so will our friends?

We seem to have no idea to this point.

More often than not, I ask myself if it comes to my turn to get off the train, will I do it with no hesitation? I don't think I will because it will absolutely hurt me when I bid farewell to my friends. I will mourn to my kid if I let him go along without my company. I am sincerely hoping that we can meet again at the destination to our journey.

My kid's luggage is empty when he/she first got on the train. It will be such a nice and wonderful thing if I can leave some good memories in it.

If anyone can rememebr my face and misses me as I get off the train, that will make my day.

Bon Voyage my friend, we are riding the same train now.

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