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February 14, 2006

Back-to-school week

You may be wondering where I have been up to these days. Well actually I am so busy since my kid had got to get back to school earlier this week. This has been his second semester since he started in elementary school last September. Being the only kid in our family, Brian owns his own study room at home but never seems to use it at all times. As a result, he always does his homework in the living room. I realized that it was time to prepare him a real place for studying now as I found it was piled with countless toys and books in such an untidy way.

After cleaning his room, tons of toys and books had been sorted out and placed into different boxes. I guessed I might be able to get some of them listed for bidding on eBay or Yahoo Auction to make some quick buck. His room looks clean now; however, I start considering whether I should do some cleaning job in my study room because it looks like such a mess too. Perhaps I can dig something out and get them sold on line.

It used to look like 10 times messy as you look in the pic...

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