February 10, 2006

About Google Groups

Google Groups is a service that helps people/ members communicate effectively on the Internet through email. It is also known as a discussion group formed by the organizer of the group and he or she will have to create a contact list by collecting all memebers' email addresses. With the contact list established, everytime when any memeber including the organizer her/ himself wishes to send new information to other members, all she/ he has to do is send email to them by the contact list. The group email address is similar to the one below: *
* I have created my own group on Google Forum so I decided to use aboto1 as the account name for this group email address.

Each group founded on Google Groups can have their front page set up, though, most group members don't need to come to the front page all the time. They will receive the same information via email from other members who posted them. They go to the front page only if they want to check some old messages posted earlier by other people.

Being the only organizer of my group, I can't appreciate too much for this Google Groups service as it helps connect me to my students and readers in a tighter way. You can start building your own group with Google Groups now to experience the magic of it.

By the way, if you are already the member in my group, why not post your questions or send us anything using our group email address. We are craving to know more about you.

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