November 25, 2005

For Kay, our friend in America.

Hi, Kay. What's up?

I received your Thanksgiving card the other day. Thank you. Without your reminding, I might have forgotten about this holiday. In fact, we don't celebrate it in Taiwan, but I really want to try again the taste of turkey meat sometime.

I remember going to your place one time during Thanksgiving, and you treated us to a big turkey. We also shared gifts with one another that night, as well as playing the gift-exchanging game. Are you still throwing that kind of party now? I bet you are, because you are always the best friend of us. Rex, Dannis and I had a great get-together days before since one of our friends came visiting us from the States. You are still the person we think of from time to time.

In any case, Happy Thanksgiving bro.

Take care,


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