November 30, 2005


The countdown is on for the election in Taiwan. Candidates and their followers are struggling to win the election. They know it is not a win-win game; they have to win not only for their own personal triumph but also the part they stand for. The Pan-Blue and Pan-Green, the two biggest political streams in Taiwan, have a totally different standpoint against each other in almost every aspect, which makes the election turn out to be cruel and low.

The eligible voters here must have been fed up with the the so-called negative propaganda campaigns hold either by the green or blue parties. We are unavoidably compelled to see them repeatedly run on the media as long as the TV is turned on. We just can't help it, though.

As the competition is getting fiercer for the last two days, I personally assume that more and more ugly inside information will be revealed from each party. This election is the dirtiest one I have ever seen before.

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