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October 01, 2011

To pass my time, I am thinking ...

October is here!! The fourth quarter of 2011 is on its way now. I just wrapped up a class on Friday night, which means that I can now pass my time by doing something fun. Hey ... how about learning how to make desserts? I am thinking if I get to learn to make stuff like this, then I can bring it to any of my classes and reward my students who answer my questions right. No more shit that goes like, "OK, now this is a hard question. I will buy anyone a drink if he or she can get the right answer." What has happened is, no one has ever got a drink from me yet. BECAUSE I AM A LIAR!! So, in any case, this idea sounds perfect to me. Please hold your breath now because I really mean it, guys. I am not kidding. Look forward to my desserts.

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