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October 06, 2011

Borrowing CDs from me

A new student would like to borrow from me the CDs for a listening course. I didn't feel comfortable while she was asking for them.

For one thing, because I don't know her. It was only her first time showing up in my class. If she were one of those returning students to my class like most of you, I would definitely lend the CDs. For another thing, making copies of the CDs surely violates the publication law, so the school always advises us not to lend CDs to students on any account. What I usually do is I will allow students to "borrow" the CDs home from me and return them to me later on. I don't know what the hell they will do with the CDs as long as they don't let me know.

The girl was a bit too straight and too forward for the first day in my class, so she really annoyed me this time.

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