February 02, 2008

Count-Down Clock

The count-down clock shown above is to indicate the remaining days of presidency for the Taiwan current president- Chen Shui Bian. The clock shows how many days are left before he
steps down.

count-down 倒數
indicate 指出
remaining 剩下的
presidency 總統職位
step down 下台

According to the opinion polls in Taiwan, more than 80 % of the population agree that Chen is the lousiest president in Taiwan's history. Over the past seven years under Chen's regime, he has done merely nothing good to its land and people. The economy of Taiwan has come to an extremely sorry state. His corruption along with his family's scandals also led his supporting party, DPP, to a unprecedented failure over the congressman election. Some said that Chen will be the best helper for Ma, the KMT's candidate to the 2008 president election.

according to 根據
opinion polls 民意調查
population 人口
lousiest 最糟糕的
regime 政權
merely 只是,僅僅,不過
extremely 極度地
sorry state 悲慘狀態
corruption 腐敗
along with 加上
scandals 醜聞
led 導致
unprecedented 空前絕後的
failure 失敗
congressman 國會議員
election 選舉
candidate 候選人

On the other hand, the DPP's candidate Hsieh is still facing a huge challenge, all because of Chen's rotten presidency.

huge 巨大的
challenge 挑戰
rotten 腐壞的

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