October 16, 2007

What has been on my mind

Well, there is actually not a lot on my mind. It is just that my son really pisses me off sometimes. First, I think he is neither like my wife nor like me. We always keep ourselves active in things we are working on. Instead, he lacks ambition to care about stuff around him, which nevertheless can be good for him. Moreover, it appears that only things like watching TV and playing on-line games can arouse his interest. At times I feel so frustrated being his old man, and I hope that he really thinks about how to improve his life as well as his school studies.

a lot on my mind 很多困擾的事情
piss me off 讓我火大
neither...nor 既不...也不
keep active in 保持積極
instead 反而
lack 缺乏
ambition 野心;雄心;抱負
stuff 東西
nevertheless 但是
moreover 再者
it appears 似乎是
arouse 激起
interest 興趣
frustrated 挫折的
old man 爸爸
improve 改善
as well as 和

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