June 26, 2007

The social problem-- Marriage, birth, and divorce

A reliable source of information indicates that the marriage rate has been going down down on a annual basis, which has been accompanied by a low birth rate as well. The increasing population of the elderly is causing an aging society.

reliable 可靠的
indicate 指出
on a annual basis 每年地
accompany 伴隨
increasing 增加的
population 人口
the elderly 老人
aging 老化的

The more developed the society is, the higher standard has been required by those who look for a spouce. On the other hand, more of those self-determined minds have led to the choice of being single.

developed 發展的
standard 標準
require 要求
spouce 配偶
on the other hand 另一方面
self-determined 自主的
lead to 導致

Marriage is accomplished by a couple wishing to form a family, and a firm economic basis is the essence of it. However, due to the economy which has been in a sorry state for a long while, many people still choose to hold off getting married.

form 形成
firm 穩固的
economic basis 經濟基礎
essence 必要性
due to 由於
in a sorry-state 糟糕的狀態
hold off 停止

It isn't an easy job to increase both the marriage and the birth rate. Before doing that, the authority should first consider how to save people from the problems of the recession.

authority 當局
consider 考慮
recession 不景氣

Maintaining a family in harmony is the key to a happy marriage. Therefore, choosing the right companion other is an important step.

maintain 維持
in harmony 和諧地
optimum 最適合的
companion 伴侶

As far as the high divorce rate and the low marriage rate are concerned, not only the government but also every citizen should tax their strength to solve this social problem, shouldn't we?

as far as concerned 至於
divorce 離婚
not only... but also 不僅...也
citizen 公民
tax their strength 花他們的力量
solve 解決
social problem 社會問題

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