March 19, 2015

Fall in love with this song

You know. I got to post this message right here, believe me.
I was working on some stuff for one of my classes, which is a listening-and-writing training class, where students would first watch a shot video in English in a normal speed. And then I will lead them to understanding all the lines in the lyrics.
For tomorrow's class, I just "Randomly" picked up a song "Sugar" on Youtube the other day, and this song was sung by a music group called "Maroon 5".
Maroon 5? My first feeling about it is "What the heck is the group?" I have never heard about it before, for I haven't actually been in touch with English pop songs for a long while.
However, as I kept preparing the handout by having to listen and listen to the songs many times, I just found I had begun to love this song already. Eventually I just couldn't help but fall in love with this song. This is just such an amazing song that everyone should love it. I believe my students will tomorrow.
By the way, actually I was told how popular "Maroon 5" is in the world now. Thanks for the song, Maroon 5. I will keep an eye on you guys now. Won't miss out on any of your musical works.

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