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November 26, 2011

Bad performance

I think I did a terrible job at the substitute class I was covering earlier tonight. I feel so disappointed with my performance in class. Why I feet it this way is that I didn't do the best I can to help the students learn what they were supposed to learn. I shouldn't have wasted much of the time asking them to do the redundant practices. And what's more, the vocabulary list that I prepared became a distractor rather than a helper.

One more hing to mention here. A student called Linda came to me after the class was over. I thought she was about to complain to me about my lousy performance. Actually she didn't do that but told she pretty much liked my class instead. Was that a compliment or what? I was so confused on hearing that.

To sum up, I think I'd better come up with some better ideas to enhance my ways of teaching for class at this level. In any case, I wish to do better next time.

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