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May 09, 2011


Our fifteen-year-old SONY TV had finally seen better days, so this late afternoon I took it to a recycling center near by. The lady in charge paid me one hundred NT as the amount this heavy guy with twenty-seven-inch screen is supposed to be worth now. It had kept us company for so many years. I first picked it up brand new for six hundred US dollars at "The Good Guys", a famous store for electrical products in San Francisco. When I moved to Fremont, it was still on the list for things that had to go with us. Even when I moved back to Taiwan, I still didn't leave it behind. It had broken a few times these years, but I could always find some help to have it repaired. It was on the fritz again the other day, but this time I made up my mind not to give it an overhaul any more; it was high time it took a long break. Hasta la vista, my friend. This sounds like a belated farewell to you because I forgot to do so as I took off of the recycling center. Gee... I even haven't got you a name yet. Pretty sad now.

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