January 13, 2009

Resolution of the New Year

I have told some friends of mine that starting this year I will try to contribute more writings to my blog. The problem is how I am going to squeeze words and phrases out out my brain, especially when English isn't my mother tongue. After thinking for a while, I came up with an easy solution- I will probably just avoid writing something too long. Usually I write within the range of 1000 words, which always takes me a long while to finish. If I cut them down to half or even less than that, I will have more of inspiration for the next one.

contribute 貢獻
squeeze 壓, 榨出
mother tongue 母語
came up with 想出
solution 解決方法
avoid 避免
range 範圍
long while 長時間
cut down 刪減
less than 少於
inspiration 靈感

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