September 10, 2006

Saturday September 9, 2006

I had never joined a demonstration before; however, this one seemed not only important to me but also to all the people who live on this island.

join 加入
demonstration 遊行
seem 似乎

I went on the Kaitakelan Boulevard yesterday at about 3 pm, seeing over 100,000 local people rally to demand the resignation of President Chen Shui-bian. Most of us do believe that he must step down due to his series of alleged corruption scandals involving his family members and close aides.

Kaitakelan Boulevard 凱達格蘭大道
rally 集會
demand 要求
resignation 辭職
step down 下臺
series of 一連串的
alleged 被聲稱的
corruption 貪污
scandal 醜聞
involve 牽涉
close aides 親信

Most of the protesters wore red to express their anger. We shouted slogans and gave the thumbs-down sign as we marched through the broad way in front of the Presidential Palace.

protester 示威者
express 表達
shout 吼叫

slogan 口號
thumbs-down 拇指向下
sign 手勢
march 前進
Presidential Palace 總統府

Frankly I don't think the president will be ousted from his position of power. The reason why I took part in this rally is just to let him know how pissed off I was. I stayed there for about an hour and took off as soon as it had started to pour.

frankly 坦白說
oust 驅逐
position of power 權力位置
took part in 參加
pissed off 憤怒
took off 離開
pour 下大雨

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