August 04, 2006

I am back.

Hey! What's up? I guess the first question you wish to ask is, "Where have you been, sir?" hmmm.....where have I been? If you know it, you know it. If you don't, I am afraid I can't tell you. There is something I have to seal my lips, or I 'll be in trouble. That is all I can say. Sorry about that.

seal one's lips 閉嘴 least I am back. I will the usaul post some stuff here. I think I may have lost a lot of readers of mine, haven't I? This sounds like I'm making fun of myself. Ya...I think I am exactly doing that at this moment.

at least 至少

In Chinese culture, people see themselves as "being busy like a dog". I don't know why people would call themselves dogs if they really fit in that situation. Maybe it is because dogs are good runners or something like that. Uh...I am not like a dog but I've been as hectic as a dog in the past few weeks. But now, things have been back to normal. Let me think of what I have to write for next time....

fit in 適合
situation 情況
hectic 急忙的

Catch you later!

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