June 07, 2006

More questions, please.

I am so pleased to see that my email group at Googles has been widely used over time by some of you. You know, this is just what the doctor ordered! Our class time is short and limited, so we only can talk to each other via some handy tools online and just like the one we are using right now. How nice if you can keep sending me email and telling me all your problems. But, don't just tell us how bad you have been feeling since your break-up with your boyfriend/ girlfirend because that will be something we can't be any assistnace of you. Cheers! :)

over time 漸漸的
what the doctor ordered 就是這樣的
limited 有限的
via 透過
handy 派的上用場的
break-up 分手
be any assistnace of 任何的幫助

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